Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sr. Patricia

Sisters Wilma and Patricia
Born in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Sr. Patricia was “baptized by my Lutheran grandfather, attended Presbyterian Mission Band, United Church CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training), Sunday School and church camps, and from pre-school years I wanted to be a missionary”.

After nurses training in Moose Jaw General, Patricia attended the University of Saskatchewan for the diploma course in Teaching and Supervision in Schools of Nursing. After two years nursing in the navy she attended the United Church Training School in Toronto. When work overseas was not available, she served at a hospital in Hazelton, BC, which included some work with Indian health.

 On a European trip with her optometrist father in ’64, they visited Berlin and, in going to East Berlin, experienced the infamous “Checkpoint Charlie”. She also went to Windsor for a polo game, and met the Queen Mother and the Queen. In ’65, Sr. Patricia worked in Kent, but “was still aware of something deeply missing in my life”. She took confirmation classes and was confirmed in the Church of England in May ’66.

Her father’s declining health brought her back to Saskatchewan where she decided to make a retreat, as “religious life” and “convent” frequently entered her mind. She told her parents: “I’ve been searching for many years and I feel that I need to pursue this so, in the fall, I will become an aspirant for a month and then a postulant, [to see] if it is meant to be”.

Meaningful memories that she carries with her are the fun as an aspirant; happiness of working in different houses with the various Sisters; attending the Oxford Conference with Sr. Merle in ’83; experiencing the Whitby exchange programme in ’97; being an anointer; and, receiving the Associate Diploma in Theology from Thorneloe College. “If I hadn’t taken all these ‘stepping stones’ in following God’s call, I would not be here”.

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